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The Structure

A free, 4 week program running from 9/21-10/23 with 3 components:


Every week, complete the challenge of meeting with a new group of people over a meal, using the Eat Together app. Our matching algorithm caters to your schedule and interests so you can organize meals at your convenience.


Every week, meet with your feedback squad, which consists of 1 Eat Together representative and 4-9 other participants to reflect on your challenge experience and share feedback about the app. This will be scheduled at a time convenient to you + obviously also be done over a meal :)


As part of ETC, we are hosting a series of campus-wide food events, such as a Night Bite Festival. These events are open to all students, but ETC participants will receive VIP access and more free food!

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Time Commitment

Extremely flexible, ~1 hour weekly for a month. Every week, all you need to do is share:

  • 1 meal with a new group of people

  • 1 meal with your feedback squad


All full or part time University of Washington, Seattle students welcome! We are open to all grade levels and majors and hoping to expand to other campuses soon.


☕️ FAQ ☕️

Does this program cost money?

Nope! This program is completely free. In addition, if you don't want to spend money eating out, bringing your own meal is always a welcome option!

How does the app work?

In the organize tab, add in a time that works for you and find people available at that time, displayed by their interests and hobbies. Alternatively, visit the explore tab to find events already being hosted to join! Check out our wireframes for a quick preview.

For the weekly challenge, what counts as a "new" group of people?

Any group that has a different participant list than any previous group you ate with for the cohort. It is okay if you are meeting up with someone for a second time as well, as long as the group is different.

How are feedback squads selected?

Just like our app's matching algorithm, we look at your interests and schedules to bring together a squad you will bond well with!

How is data collected?

By our privacy policy, we do not collect sensitive personal data. However, we do track how app users interact with various features in order to improve them.

How do I know this program is safe?

  • We go through extensive screening on every cohort signup to verify all attendees are UW students

  • Harassment is absolutely unacceptable and we will promptly report any incidents should they occur following UW's reporting policies.

  • Your facilitator will always be there for you to share feedback and prioritize any safety concern you bring up

Still got questions?

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